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Lime curd is a zesty custard that appears yellow-green. Though this can be eaten on its own, there are numerous other applications for this tart treat. A traditional lime curd is made with Persian limes, but it can also be made using Key and Kaffir limes.


Cupcakes can be more than just a small cake paired with frosting. Filling a cupcake can be a nice surprise for those that eat it, but also change the entire flavor of the cupcake. Fill a vanilla cupcake with lime curd to add zest to a plain cupcake. Cupcake flavors such as strawberry, lemon, coconut and even chocolate can be filled with lime curd for a different flavor profile as well. If you do not want the strong zesty flavor of lime curd in the middle of your cupcake you can mix it with buttercream or whipped cream to help tone down the tart flavor before piping it into the center of a cupcake.

Tarts and Pies

Tarts have been a popular use for lime and lemon curds. A tart is a baked pastry that is made with a premade tart shell, phyllo dough or a shortening-based tart shell dough. Once the tart shells have been made and baked, they are filled with a prepared lime curd and then baked again until the lime curd has set. These tarts can be topped with whipped cream, nuts and fresh fruit or dusted with powdered sugar before serving. Lime curd can be mixed with other fruits and mediums before being baked into the tart shell such as strawberries or coconut for a different flavor profile. Another popular use for lime curd is in a pie. Key lime pie, for example, is filled with a lime curd and then topped with a layer of meringue before being baked in the oven.


Lime curd does not have to fill a pastry shell or cupcake to be delicious. It can be used with cookies in a variety of ways to add a zesty taste to just about any cookie base. Thumbprint cookies are a popular application of lime curd where a butter cookie dough is created with a dollop of lime curd baked into the center. Lime curd can also be used in cookie bars such as lime bars or coconut lime bars that are baked and sliced up to be eaten just like cookies.


Lime curd has a variety of uses when it comes to cakes. A lime curd can be used as a filling for a stacked or tiered cake to create flavors such as coconut and lime, key lime cake or simply to add a little zest to a vanilla cake. A lime curd can also be served as a side to a slice of angel food or pound cake topped with whipped cream and nuts.

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