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Rubies are typed depending on where they are mined. Rubies actually come from aluminum oxide or corundum. Rubies actually come in various shades of red, which is determined by different elements. Chromic oxide gives the ruby red hues, while ferric oxide gives it a bit of yellow. The rubies with the most intense shade of red have high levels of titanium. If a ruby has pink, purple, orange and brown shades, it is caused by chromium and iron. The amount of color depends on the amount of the metals.

Burmese Rubies

Burmese rubies are one of the top quality rubies, as well as one of the most sought-after Burmese rubies have a deep red color due to the amount of chromium, although sometimes they can have hints of blue or pink. Burmese rubies come from specific regions, namely Mogok in northern Burma and Mong-Hsu to the east of Mandalay. All rubies have blemishes; in fact, all natural stones do. If there are no blemishes, it is not a natural stone. Burmese rubies have the least blemishes of all.

Thai Rubies

Thai rubies are second only to the Burmese rubies, They have darker undertones due to the combination of iron and chromium. Thai rubies can also have tints ranging from brown to burgundy, which are also called Siam rubies, but are not as sought after as the Burmese. Thai rubies come from the area southeast of Bangkok

Tanzania Rubies

In Tanzania, ruby deposits are found in regions near Songea. The color of these rubies resembles the garnet so closely that even jewelers are often baffled by their closeness. It has been noticed that the intensity of color diminishes with size. Therefore, the smaller the Tanzanian rubies are, the more valuable they are.

Madagascar Rubies

Madagascar is another source for top of the line rubies, although, Madagascar rubies are relatively new to the market. The mining area in Madagascar is in the Andilamena and Vatomandry regions, where the rubies can be found in a wide variety of different igneous rocks. There are differences in the rubies from each area. The rubies from the Andilamena region are best when they receive a heat treatment, the ones from Vatomandry do not. The Vatomandry rubies have orange, red and pink highlights.

Afghanistan Rubies

Rubies have been mined in Afghanistan at least as far back as the first century. The mines are in the Badakshan and Jagdalek regions. More is known about the rubies that come from Jagdalek, which produces rubies that can range from a faint to deep red. The Jagdaled rubies have qualities not found elsewhere. They can have a purplish tint and a fluorescent shine.