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According to, a woman will spend an average of £9000 (approximately $14,000) on cosmetics in their lifetime. This figure is not surprising, especially since many people feel more confident when they are wearing makeup. There are numerous cosmetic products to choose from, all of which help to enhance our natural beauty.


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Foundation is a cosmetic applied to the face to provide a smooth and glowing complexion. Foundation can come in many forms, including liquid, creme, mousse, and powder. Makeup brands offer numerous shades so that a customer can find the foundation that best matches their skin tone.

Concealer is used to mask imperfections on the face, such as pimples, dark undereye circles, and spider veins. Concealers come in various colors for different skin tones and are generally found in the form of liquid, cream, mousse, or powder. Concealers differ from foundation as they are typically thicker and more heavily pigmented, providing more coverage of specific imperfections.

Powder is a cosmetic applied to the face to set a foundation. It is also used to reduce shine caused by oily skin, consequently leaving a smooth matte finish on the face. It come packaged in a compact in pressed form. This version is applied by patting it onto the face with a sponge. It can also come as a loose powder and be applied with a brush.

Bronzer is applied to the face to provide a healthy, golden tone. In order to achieve a sun-kissed look, apply the product on areas where a tan would naturally form, such as the forehead, along the nose, and cheekbones.


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Blush is a cosmetic applied directly to the cheeks to give a flushed and youthful appearance, as well as to define the cheekbones. Blush comes in the forms of powder, cream, or liquid stains. Various colors are available, but all blushes generally have a rouge tint.

Eyebrows and Eyes

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Eyeliner comes in liquid or pencil form (often called kohl). Eyeliner is drawn along the top and bottom eyelids to define and accentuate the eyes. Eyeliner can come in various colors; however, black eyeliner is particularly classic.

Eyeshadow is applied to the eyelids and under the eyebrows. It is available in many colors and textures, such as glitter. This cosmetic adds vibrancy to the area and makes the eyes stand out. Eyeshadow comes in powder, pencil, mousse, and cream forms.

Mascara is applied to upper and lower eyelashes to thicken, lengthen, and darken them. Mascara comes in various colors, but black is a classic choice. Mascaras are packaged in tubes, with wand applicators. Once applied, this cosmetic generally helps to define the eye area and make it more noticeable.

Eyebrow pencils are applied to the brows to color, shape, and define them. Many find their eyebrows to be imperfectly shaped or wispy, and by stenciling in with a pencil, the desired look can be achieved.


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Lipstick is applied to lips to accentuate the mouth and give the lips color. Lipsticks come in numerous shades. Lipstick is made from oils, wax, pigments, and other ingredients.

Lip gloss comes in the form of a liquid or soft solid. Lip gloss provides a shiny layer to the lips, along with a dash of color if it is a shaded product. Some lip glosses offer moisturising benefits, too.

Lip stain is a liquid-based cosmetic that literally stains the lips with color on application. This cosmetic is particularly hard-wearing because it is absorbed into the lips.

Lip liner defines the edge of the lips. This not only enhances the mouth but evens out uneven lip lines and stops lipstick from bleeding should it be applied afterward. Lip liner comes in a range of colors similar to those of lipstick and is generally packaged as a pencil or a retractable tube.

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