The Truth About Conventional Deodorant + 2 Ways to Make Your Own

By Dana Poblete
Made from coconut oil, sodium bicarbonate, starch and essential oil Keywords: lavender;Lavandula angustifolia;alternative;antibacterial;aroma;aromatic;blooming;natural;blossom;coconut;cosmetic;cosmetic cream;cosmetics;detail;face cream;deodorant;cream;flower;herbal;herb;horizontal;homemade;oil;sodium;sodium bicarbonate;bicarbonate;starch;spoon;glass;wooden;wooden board;background;essential;scented

Remember in the '90s when antiperspirants suddenly became Public Enemy No. 1? Thanks to proliferating internet rumors that aluminum—used in antiperspirants to plug pores and prevent sweating—could cause breast cancer, people started tossing their sticks of Ban and Teen Spirit. (And it was definitely turning the underarms of all our prized white tees yellow—not cool!) aluminumaluminum is a pro-oxidantparabensTriclosanstudyfragrancesirritate your immune and respiratory systems