A sagging face, specifically a drooping nose, is inevitable as you age. The cartilage in the lower part of your nose eventually starts to separate from the rest of your nose, resulting in a droopy appearance. While rhinoplasty can correct this, you can combat a droopy nose multiple other ways without resorting to surgery.

Nose Shortener Exercise

Just like the rest of your body, you can exercise your nose to keep it looking toned and tightened. The exercise will help narrow and shorten a drooping nose. How do you work out a nose you ask? Grasp the bridge of your nose with your thumb and index finger like you might be pinching and pushing down the bridge of the nose. Push your nose tip up using a bit of force with your other index finger. Close your lips and pull your upper lip down. Relax and repeat this exercise 40 times, ensuring that the tip of your nose is pushed up at all times. You might not break a sweat, but this maneuver can definitely help when done consistently.


Effective use of makeup can make the nose appear smaller and less droopy. Apply a foundation that is one shade darker than your skin tone to the end of your nose and blend well. This will make the nose appear shorter. If you also want to make your nose appear thinner, contour makeup one shade darker than your skin tone along the sides of your nose. Contour makeup one shade lighter than your skin tone straight down the middle of your nose to complete the slimming effect. Using makeup to highlight other features such as the lips or eyes will also help take attention away from your nose.


You can insert non-surgical, flexible splints into the inside edge of each nostril to make the nose appear straight and narrow by gently lifting the top part of the nose and narrowing the nostrils. You can position splints based on how you want your profile to look. The splints are easy to insert and remove with a little practice and you can wear them anytime with the exception of sleeping or lying down, working out and swimming.

Face Lifter Exercise

The Face Lifter is a yoga facial exercise that can help firm the muscles of the face and therefore help lift and reshape your nose. For this exercise, all your have to do is smile and make an 'O' shape with your mouth. Fold in your upper and lower lip so they cover your teeth. Close your eyes and roll your eyeballs up towards your scalp. Keep smiling so that your cheek muscles are flexing and lifting. Move your mouth so the 'O' shape is as small as possible, tilt your head back and raise your chin. Tighten the abdominal area and the buttocks while lifting your chest. Slowly raise your hands above your head, smile and keep your eyes looking up. The muscles should be tight as you take deep breaths. Hold the pose for 20 seconds, then relax, letting your hands drop down as you relax your body. Repeat this exercise five times.

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