Pasta sauce doesn't require pasta to make for a quick and tasty meal. If you find yourself with leftover spaghetti sauce -- either jarred or homemade -- try one of these options on for size instead. All of these ideas work with traditional meat-free tomato-based pasta sauces regardless of seasoning.

Leftover spaghetti sauce can be used to top items other than spaghetti. Try rewarming it and serving over polenta, or use as a substitute for pizza sauce. Glaze a meatloaf with leftover sauce instead of the usual ketchup. Use it as a topping for an Italianesque baked potato, along with shredded Mozzarella, chopped pepperoni and chopped olives.

Leftover spaghetti sauce can be used as a base for a number of different soup dishes. You can make a simple tomato cream soup with the addition of heavy cream and spices, or make a quick minestrone by adding stock and chopped vegetables, such as green beans, zucchini, greens and canned beans. You can also add it to a pot of chili for an easy flavor boost.

Utilize leftover spaghetti sauce as a braising liquid. Braise a brisket in a mixture of leftover sauce plus water, vinegar and sugar. Poach cod or other firm white fish fillets in a skillet full of simmering spaghetti sauce. Simmer beans in a mixture of spaghetti sauce, brown sugar and mustard. Add sliced hot dogs if you like. You can also prepare Eggs in Purgatory -- bring a skillet full of tomato sauce to a simmer, then crack one egg per serving into the pan and cook until just set.

Use leftover spaghetti sauce to bind a casserole of potatoes or rice plus vegetables, such as onions, zucchini, bell peppers, garlic or chopped olives. Stir a ribbon of sauce into a dish of macaroni and cheese. Use spaghetti sauce as the base for a semi-homemade sloppy joe mix. Add ground beef or turkey plus chopped onions and a hit of vinegar, plus a pinch of brown sugar. If you have only a small amount of leftover sauce, try stuffing a few spoonfuls of sauce inside an omelet or use it as a dipping sauce for breadsticks or soft pretzels.