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Aesthetic lasers have revolutionized the way men and women undergo cosmetic treatments. While they make many treatments faster and more effective, these procedures don’t come without a certain amount of risk. Like all laser treatments, facial laser treatments can cause some side effects.

Types of Facial Laser Treatments

There are several different facial laser treatments individuals can undergo, including laser hair removal, laser vein removal, laser skin rejuvenation and laser acne treatment.


While different lasers are used depending on the specific treatment, all lasers are inherently the same. They utilize intense, non-invasive laser light to target and destroy the specific ailment it is treating.

Skin Colorations

After a facial laser treatment, hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin) or hypopigmentation (lightening of the skin) may temporarily occur.

Reddening of the Skin

Patients undergoing safe, effective treatments will experience a slight reddening of the skin which can last up to a day.


Other side effects that can occur including burning and blistering, depending on the heat and energy levels of the laser.

Expert Insight

Proper research and caution allows individuals to choose a laser facility that is both reputable and experienced. This will drastically reduce chances of experiencing side effects of facial laser treatments.

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