The Organizational Structure of Fashion Merchandising

By Elle Greco

Fashion merchandising is the process that takes place after a designer completes a clothing design but before that item hits the bottom of your shopping bag. It deals with textiles, fashion forecasting, demand and showcasing.


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Design Side


A design house employs fashion merchandisers for their expertise in fashion history and forecasting, knowledge of textiles and understanding of what consumers will want to purchase. The merchandiser will help the designer determine the best way to make a garment; for example, she will advise which textiles to use for its manufacture.

Retail Side

Retailers consult fashion merchandisers to best determine how clothing should be displayed in stores. The fashion merchandiser draws on her knowledge of trends and consumer motivation to create appealing and eye-catching presentations.

Fashion Merchandising Careers


Fashion merchandising is a desirable career choice for many women and men. Positions can involve varied aspects of retail, design, trend analysis, marketing, manufacturing, wholesale and promotion planning, such as fashion shows.