What is so special about the Whoopie Pie? Where did it originate from and why does America still love it so much? Where did the unique name come from? It has long been considered one of the most popular treats on the market and can put a smile on the faces of young and old alike. The Whoopie Pie is a simple and delicious dessert that has been around for decades and has been a favorite of many from the beginning.


It is believed that the first Whoopie Pie was made in the 1920s. The state of Maine likes to claim the fame of inventing it. However, residents of Pennsylvania say the first Whoopie Pie originated there. There are also those who give the Amish credit for making the original Whoopie Pie. Some believe it was the Amish who traveled to Maine and actually introduced this cake-like dessert. Regardless of the true origination, the delicious taste is almost always agreed upon.


One thing that is significant about the Whoopie Pie is the name. It is clever and unforgettable, but where did they ever come up with it? If the Amish did indeed make the first of these cakes, they are most likely the ones who named them. An old Amish legend says that children would squeal with delight and yell "Whoopie" when they saw they were getting one of these treats. This idea confirms how much people must have enjoyed Whoopie Pies because there are no other known desserts on the market that begin with the name "Whoopie."

Original Ingredients

The Whoopie Pie is really not much like a pie at all. It is actually made of two cake-like cookies with a cream center, which looks more like a sandwich. They are made with vegetable shortening instead of butter. The most common flavor is chocolate cookies with a thick, sweet vanilla cream in the center. It is believed that they were originally made from batter leftover from other, larger cakes.


There are some variations in the flavors of Whoopie Pies in more modern times. Some cooks like to use flavors such as pumpkin or red velvet for the cookies. The fluffy cream center can vary as well. Though vanilla is the most common flavor, chocolate, strawberry, mint or nearly any flavor imaginable may also be used. The flavors may be different, but the appearance and shape of the Whoopie Pies are generally the same.

The Appeal

So, why do we enjoy Whoopie Pies so much? It could be we love the taste or that the name makes us giggle. It could also be because they remind us of our youth when life was carefree. Then again, it could be all of the above. As long as there are Whoopie Pies, there is still a child inside us who loves them.