Pueraria mirifica or White Kwao Krua (Pueraria candollei Graham

Pueraria mirifica is an herb from Southeast Asia. It also goes by the name kwao kreu kao. It is considered an herbal, nonsurgical alternative to breast enlargement and enhancement and may also act as an estrogen-enhancing herb suitable for women who have reached menopause. It is native to most of Southeast Asia, and women in Thailand have been using it for centuries for a number of health purposes. Despite its popularity, there is considerable debate about its effectiveness. It also causes side effects.

Possible Cardiac Problems

According to the Breast Enhancement Options website, use of pueraria mirifica could aggravate chest pain and hear conditions. Although there is no conclusive evidence that the herb actually causes heart problems, those with heart-related conditions are advised to abstain from using this herb. It is also not appropriate for use in people taking fat-reducing medication, because the reaction between the herb and the ingredients in weight-reduction medicines can contribute to heart problems.

Adverse Reactions

Some people can have a negative reaction to pueraria mirifica, especially under certain circumstances. For example, the herb increases the circulation of blood. So, when menstruating women take this herb, they may have increased blood flow. This increase in blood flow can also cause you to become flushed. Other problems associated with this herb include diarrhea, insomnia, flatulence, tenderness of the breasts and vaginal discharge.

Other Possible Problems

Although there is no conclusive evidence or studies that definitely proves the claims, according to the Herbalust website, some report a link between peuraria mirifca consumption and lumps, severe pain and cancerous growth in the breasts. Also, this herb increases production of hormone-producing estrogen, which can cause problems such as such as constipation, bowel irritation and vomiting. Excess of hormones produced by this herb have also resulted in many women experiencing problems such as loss of libido, fatigue, an increase in body fat and a loss of muscle tone.