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While all types of milk contain the same nutritional values, they differ in milk fat percentages. Color-coded labels make it easy for consumers to choose their preferred milk.

Whole Milk - Red Labels

Whole milk labels are universally red, making them stand out from the reduced-fat and skim milks. Whole milk contains 8 grams of fat per cup, which equates to about 3.5 percent milk fat.

Reduced Fat Milk - Blue, Yellow, Green Labels

Reduced-fat milk label colors vary by dairy manufacturer, with either a blue, yellow or green label. For example, Kemp's and Dairy Maid dairies both use yellow for their 2% milk, while Clover Organics and Borden use blue. A general guideline is blue or yellow for 2%, and green for 1% milk.

Skim Milk - Purple Labels

Like whole milk, skim milk uses one color to distinguish it from the other types of milk. Most dairies use purple for skim milk labels. Unlike reduced-fat milk, skim milk is fat-free.

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