Boiling potatoes for creamy mashed potatoes in dutch oven.

Yukon Gold potatoes are often used for baked potatoes or mashed potatoes but can also be used in any dish you like. Boiling the potatoes is a simple way to prepare them for mashing or inclusion in entrees, or even to serve alone. There are several ways to go about boiling these medium sized, pale gold-colored tubers.


Perhaps the most convenient method of boiling potatoes is on the stove top. It takes about 30 minutes to cook Yukon Gold potatoes thoroughly in a pot of boiling water. The pot used can be washed right away and there is minimal clean-up, as well as the convenience of using the rest of your kitchen. Whether you have a gas stove or not, all it takes is turning on the burner and keeping the heat at medium until the potatoes are cooked.


You can boil your Yukon Gold potatoes in your oven by submersing the potatoes in water within a dutch oven, or an enclosed baking dish. This method takes longer than the stove top but is convenient if you have many dishes cooking on the stove. You can boil vegetables at the same time within the dutch oven, resulting in a complete meal once the potatoes are cooked through. The oven must be kept at a medium to low heat to encourage boiling and reduce the chance of too much steam.


Yukon Gold potatoes can be boiled in a dutch oven at a campfire as well, providing an easy way to keep the flames away from the potatoes while still ending up with the cooked potatoes you love. There is no tin foil to throw away if you place the dutch oven filled with water and potatoes on the coals of a fire, and the dutch oven can be reused to cook beans or any accompanying dish. This method will take longer than using an oven or a stove top.


Do not use Yukon Gold potatoes with any green spots on them, as the chemicals present in these potatoes can cause intestinal discomfort and bitter-tasting dishes. Always use oven mitts when handling hot pots and ovens and make sure to keep any spoons or stirring tools out of the hot, boiling water when not in use. Always cook the potatoes thoroughly to ensure best results.