The Best Place to Get a Tattoo on the Body

By LeafTV Editor

Deciding where to place a tattoo on your body is nearly as important as choosing the design. Before getting inked, think about your lifestyle and your design statement. Even though tattoos have entered the mainstream, decide if having a visible tattoo could negatively impact your professional life. Also, some designs aren't feasible for placement on certain parts of the body, so determine what design statement you want to make and which area would be the most acceptable for it.

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The Best Place To Get A Tattoo On The Body


The Lower Back

Usually reserved for women, lower back tattoos are one of the best ways to get a tattoo that you can hide or show, depending upon what kind of clothing you wear. From college students to professionals, a lower back tattoo lets you decide when and where you show it off.

Design placement can be in the center or off to the side on your lower back, depending upon taste. The lower back area is typically not as painful of an area for tattooing in comparison to the foot or areas that contain thin skin over bone.

The lower back is a good place for any size tattoo and any design complexity. For larger tattoos, have the design run up or down the side of your back, buttocks or leg.

The Ankle

The ankle tattoo is another popular place for a small adornment. You can still show off your design, but in a more subtle way. Ankle tattoos are perfect for a small, tasteful design and may be a good place for your first tattoo.

If you choose to get an ankle tattoo, be ready for some pain. Getting any tattoo hurts; however the ankle is covered with thin skin and is bony, so you have little or no fat to pad the needle rapidly injecting the ink underneath your skin.

On the Arm

An old-fashioned arm tattoo is a favorite of many men. Arm tattoos, especially around the bicep area, accentuate the muscles.

The pain factor isn't as great and you have plenty of room to express your design statement. Create one important design or begin your journey into tattoos and develop a "sleeve" that consists of several tattoos up and down your arm, giving the illusion of an actual sleeve.