The Best Looking Fake Diamonds

By Tom Stewart

Buying a faux diamond ring makes sense for several reasons, and the most obvious is to save money. Real diamonds can be quite expensive, so if you're just going to wear the jewelry casually, you might want to buy a few costume fakes -- which can look almost as good as the real thing. Damaging or losing a fake diamond is a lot less stressful than losing a real one, as well.

Diamond ring on credit cards
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Cubic zirconium ring laying on top of credit card.

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Cubic Zirconia

Cubic zirconia, sometimes referred to as CZ, is made of an amalgamation of zirconium oxide and yttrium oxide. When designed correctly, cubic zirconia can look just like diamonds with the same shine and glimmer. The differences between the two are almost undetectable to the naked eye. However, a CZ stone will not last as long as a real diamond and will likely begin to discolor or cloud within a few years. But it's a tough material that can weather some wear and tear, and is also much cheaper than a real diamond.

White Sapphire

White sapphires are a natural mineral just like diamonds, but are less expensive. However they do have many similar qualities. White sapphires are almost as hard as diamonds and can actually cut glass, as well. They are also durable and can withstand wear and tear better than most other diamond substitutes. The untrained eye will have a difficult time telling the difference between a white sapphire and a real diamond. This natural gem has beauty and shine, and can be cut in styles just like a diamond.


Moissanite is another relatively inexpensive mineral that can be transformed into a beautiful gemstone that mimics diamonds. The stones were introduced by Charles and Colvard, a gemstone company based in North Carolina, in 1998. Moissanite is a strong mineral that can be cut into the same designs as diamonds. Its durability is almost as high as a real diamond. The stone is harder than a ruby or emerald and will be undetectable to nonexperts. Moissanite is still relatively new to the jewelry scene, but is a much more affordable option than a high-priced diamond.

Diamond Nexus

Diamond nexus is a synthetic gem created in a laboratory. Using technology, the company is able to create diamond duplicates that look nearly identical to the real thing. Visually, it will be hard to tell the whether the stone is real or fake. The diamond nexus is as strong and durable as a diamond and can even cut glass, but comes at a cheaper price. Because it's synthetically made, a diamond nexus can be cut or set in any design desired, and will keep its shine and shape for decades if cared for properly.