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Men want to have great hair just as much as the ladies do, but guys with coarse hair often find it difficult to get a good haircut. Coarse hair can be thick and unruly, and guys don't always know what to do with it, how to cut it or even how to style it. Fortunately, there are a few options for guys with coarse hair that create hairstyles that are very manageable.

Crew Cut

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A crew cut is a style of hair that some may consider to be called a fade. This haircut starts with hair at one length in the front and the length is shortened uniformly as it reaches the sides and back of the head. The crew cut is a popular haircut with military men and any other guys who want to achieve a low-maintenance look for their coarse hair. Styling can consist of simply allowing hair to air dry naturally, or adding a bit of styling gel into damp hair for a sleeker, more styled finish.

Buzz Cut

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A buzz cut is achieved using scissors or clippers and is often the same length all the way around the head. Buzz cuts are a low-maintenance option for guys who just don't want to deal with their coarse hair. Styling a buzz cut is a cinch, and no product is usually required. Those who want a bit of shine and style can add a touch of pomade or lightweight gel all over while hair is damp.

Texture Cut

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Texture cuts incorporate texture using a razor or angled point cuts using scissors to add dimension and take away bulk from thick, coarse hair. A texture cut is ideal for guys with coarse hair because it takes away bulk and volume from this hair type, leaving the hair more manageable. The end result is a haircut that is very choppy and texturized. The website suggests styling this haircut with styling wax. Emulsify the styling wax between hands and then apply it to towel-dried hair. Work the product into the ends first and then down toward the scalp. Style as you desire and allow hair to dry naturally afterward.

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