Deep Fried Chicken

Deep frying, although not the most healthy way to prepare food, produces some pretty delicious results. Plus, we all deserve to stray with french fries, everyone once in a while.

When cooking foods in a deep fryer, its best to use high temperatures to prevent oil from penetrating the food, which will yield super greasy grub. For optimal deep frying, foodies recommend using peanut oil.

Fried to Perfection

Cajun Seasoned French Fries

Many people avoid deep-fried foods because of the high fat content and greasiness of the food. According to cookbook author John Martin Taylor, fried foods need not be greasy at all (the high fat part, well that's true).

Taylor says the reason some deep-fried foods come out greasy is because they aren’t fried at a high enough temperatures. “When fried to perfection in clean, hot oil, deep-fried foods are crisp on the outside and moist and tender on the inside,” he told the New York Times. “They should not be greasy at all—not even a drop of oil on the plates that hold them.”

Peanut Oil

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Like many experts on deep-fat frying, Taylor recommends frying with peanut oil, because it has a high smoking point and it lasts longer than other oils.

Smoking Point

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The “smoking point” is the temperature at which, before bursting into flames, hot oil starts to smoke. Peanut oil has a relatively high smoke point of 440 degrees F, making it an excellent choice for deep frying, which we know requires high heat.

High Oleic Canola Oil

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High-oleic canola oil is also considered a stable oil, because it doesn't degrade with high temperatures (aka has a high smoke point). Because of it's high stability and low cost, high-oleic canola oil is commonly used in professional kitchens, where cooks strain and reuse the same oil repeatedly.

But, you'll be hard pressed to find find high-oleic canola in any old grocery store and the difference between it and peanut oil's smoke point is negligible; for these reasons peanut oil works perfectly for at home use.