Fresh apple juice is a delicious sweet drink that can easily be made at home. The best apples for fresh juice are ones that are ripe and in season. A combination of a variety of apples can provide a broader flavor profile to the juice. Apple juice also has a sweet, though not overpowering flavor, that makes it a great base for mixed fruit and vegetable drinks. All apple varieties can be used for juicing, but there are a number of varieties that produce exceptional juice. The best apple juice often comes from a blend of sharp and sweet apples. To make a sweet juice without adding any additional sugar, use



Red Delicious

apples. They are both very sweet and typically very juicy.

Gala, Fuji



apples are also great for making a sweet apple juice, as well as the



Pink Lady

. By using a combination of the above-mentioned apples, you can create a full-bodied, naturally sweet apple juice. The Fuji and Gala have more flavor when juiced, while the others offer a more subtle taste. While all apples have a unique flavor, the

Calville Blanc

, the

Queen Cox

and the


offer an exceptional tasting juice. The Calville Blanc is a French variety with a spicy, tangy flavor. Queen Cox apples make a fresh, sweet juice. The Spitzenburg is a classic-flavored American heirloom, said to be a favorite of Thomas Jefferson. All three offer exceptional flavor quality.

Granny Smith

apples are great for making a sweet, yet tart juice. The


offers a crisp, woody flavored juice, though it can be a bit bland in comparison to other varieties. The


apple also provides a tart flavor, though it can be a bit astringent for some tastes. A fully ripe apple will yield more juice than one that is not. A ripe apple is firm and crisp. Generally, the


is a very juicy apple variety. The


is a juicy apple with a tart wine-like flavor. The


apple is aromatic and crisp with a juicy flesh as well. Every variety of apple will be at its best, juiciest point when ripe.