Only recently has sea moss, also known as Irish moss, become popular in the wellness world. With minerals like iodine and calcium, its health benefits are undeniable. Whether cooked, raw, dried, or blended into drinks, this “wonder seaweed” is so good for you, inside and out.

Skin, Muscle, and Joint Pain

Sea moss is known to heal various skin diseases like dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, sunburn, varicose veins, rashes, and inflammation. Apply it topically or add it into baths for a luxurious moisturizing treatment. The moss may alleviate muscle and joint pain as well.

Bonus: Sea moss is also known to be an aphrodisiac in the bath.

Viral, Bacterial, and Fungal Infections

Sea moss has antiviral agents that can prevent and relieve respiratory ailments like the cold, flu, pneumonia, bronchitis, and even tuberculosis. Its potassium chloride is said to dissolve catarrhs, a mucus discharge caused by the swelling of the mucous membrane. The moss is also antimicrobial and can help fight bacterial and fungal infections. Eat it regularly as a preventive measure.

Thyroid-Related Diseases

Iodine is so essential to your immune system. Good thing sea moss has high levels of it. Iodine strengthens immunity by filtering out germs and other bacteria during blood circulation. It also supports the production of thyroid hormones, which have an effect on immune health.

Sea Moss as a Food Additive

Ever spot “carrageenan” on ingredients lists? This additive, commonly extracted from sea moss, is used to stabilize and emulsify food in order to retain flavor and color. Pudding, whipped cream, meringue, ice cream, salad dressing, wine, and beer may all have the additive. Sometimes you’ll even find dried or raw sea moss used directly in recipes to harness the properties of carrageenan.

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