Tattoo Ideas for Initials

By Yvonne Van Damme

Tattoos are a permanent display of art on the body. Many people get tattoos for a personal reason or to commemorate a person or event. A meaningful tattoo can be initials. Whether they are your initials, or the initials of a child or loved one, there are myriad ways to incorporate initials into a tattoo.

Get a tattoo that is personal.

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One tattoo design for initials is to combine them with a religious symbol, such as a cross. The tattoo can incorporate all three initials of a name. The middle initial is tattooed larger and bolder than the other letters. Directly below the initials, a small- to medium-sized cross can be the perfect complement for a believer in Christianity.


For a tattoo that contains the initials of a child, add a birth date to it. Hhave the child's initials tattooed on an arm or ankle. The initials should be medium-sized lettering. Underneath the initials, in a smaller font, the child's birthday is tattooed in the same color of ink.


A tattoo that incorporates initials and flowers is a lovely tattoo choice for a woman. If you have a penchant for cherry blossoms, have the tattoo designed so that the flowers wrap around the letters. For example, the initials are first tattooed on the skin. Any size and type is suitable. The cherry blossoms should intertwine among the letters. Pink and red ink are used to color in the cherry blossoms.


For a more Gothic look, incorporate skulls into an initial tattoo design. Large skulls have more impact in comparison to smaller ones. If either of your initial letters is the letter "O" consider having it made into a skull shape. Another option is to just have the skull design placed below the initials.