Sunbeam 4810 Instructions

By Madison Rayne

The Sunbeam 4810 is a counter top bread maker that just about anyone can use. This appliance mixes, kneads and bakes bread, so all you have to do is add the proper ingredients. It can hold up to a two-pound loaf of bread and features a non-stick, easy to clean bread pan, user-friendly controls and various bread options, such as French, white and whole wheat. For product and food safety, carefully read and follow the Sunbeam 4810 instructions before use.

The Sunbeam 4810 simplifies breadmaking.

Step 1

Place the bread maker on a stable, heat-resistant counter at least two inches away from the wall.

Step 2

Open the bread maker lid and remove the bread pan from the bread maker. Place the kneading blade in the bottom on the pan, fitting it into the screw securely.

Step 3

Measure the bread ingredients and add them to the bread pan in the order they are listed in the recipe. Dig a small hole in the dry ingredients and pour the yeast in it. This will prevent the yeast from being activated prematurely. Wipe any spills on the outside of the pan.

Step 4

Place the bread pan back into the bread maker. Push firmly on each corner of the pan until they snap securely into place. Close the lid and plug the power cord into an electrical outlet.

Step 5

Press the arrow button on the LCD display to choose the desired bread type. Press "Select" to secure your choice. Press the arrow again and choose the crust color you want and press "Select" to lock it in.

Step 6

Decide if you want to use the "Rapid Cycle" bread cycle. This setting shortens the overall baking time, however breads baked on this setting will come out smaller due to a shorter rising time. Press "Select" if you wish to use the "Rapid Cycle" bread cycle, or press the arrow key to skip to the next step.

Step 7

Press the arrow button to select the loaf size of your bread and click "Select" to lock in your choice. Press "Start" to begin the baking process.

Step 8

Remove the bread once the bread maker beeps five times and the display flashes "0.00" which signifies that the bread is done. Put on oven mitts, open the lid and remove the bread pan.

Step 9

Slide the bread out of the pan using the potholders, and place the bread on a wire rack to cool.

Step 10

Unplug the bread maker from the socket. Allow a half hour of cool down before using the unit again.