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Roasted garlic is one way to give food the garlicky flavor you want, but sometimes you may not have the time to roast it, or perhaps you just want to try something different. Exploring different types of garlic and ways to prepare it can give you the same flavor, in a different way.

Korean Black Garlic

Korean Black garlic feels very much like roasted garlic. The only difference is that the taste is a bit more tangy. Also, the garlic cloves are black, not white. You will most likely find this used in sauces like aioli.

Toasted Garlic

Slice the garlic cloves into thin, but not too thin, slices, about 3-5mm . Throw them onto a skillet and lightly toast them. Do not put oil, butter, or anything else on the skillet as it needs to be dry to get the proper toasting effect.

Minced, Bottled Garlic

You can get bottles of minced garlic. This is much less work for you and it means that you will not have to do the work or preparing the garlic. The acids in the jar enable you to keep the garlic for a long time. Put a teaspoon of this in your food per clove that you would normally use.

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