By Vex Morgenstern

Chambord is a black raspberry liqueur imported from France. It is popular in cocktails and also in cooking and baking. While Chambord is a flavorful addition to many recipes, it is usually the most expensive ingredient in a recipe. If you run out of Chambord or don't wish to buy it, you may want to substitute it with something else. There are both alcoholic and non-alcoholic alternatives to Chambord.

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Raspberry Juice

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The simplest substitute for Chambord liqueur is raspberry juice. Substitute it measure for measure in any cooking, baking or drink recipe. If you can't find raspberry juice at your grocery store, make your own by pressing raspberries in a juicer. You can also make a puree of raspberries.

Raspberry Extract

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Raspberry extract is another readily available, non-alcoholic substitute for Chambord liqueur. Look for it at your local grocery store or health food store. Use this substitute for cooking and baking, rather than for drinks. Substitute 1 tsp. of raspberry extract for every 2 tsp. of Chambord.

Orange Liqueur

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If you're looking for an alcoholic substitute for Chambord, try orange liqueur. There are many brands of orange liqueur, and the flavor will round out an alcoholic drink in much that same way as Chambord. Many orange liqueurs are made with other spices and fruits to accentuate the taste.

Creme de Cassis

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Creme de Cassis is a red liqueur made from black currants. It is effective as a substitute for Chambord because Chambord also includes black currant flavor, according to the company's website. The raspberry taste may not be as strong as with Chambord, but Creme de Cassis will replicate the tangy taste.