Banana liqueur shooters
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For a banana flavor with a kick, some dessert recipes call for banana liqueur, also called creme de banane. This sweet, intense liqueur is bright yellow and brings the unmistakable taste of bananas to desserts and cocktails. If you can't find this liqueur, or you need to make a nonalcoholic dessert, you'll need to use something else.


If your recipe already has bananas in it, the banana liqueur may not be adding much additional flavor. Adding water instead of liqueur, in equal quantities, will not harm your dish and it will provide the same consistency the banana liqueur would have provided.

Creme de Ananas

The alcoholic substitute most similar to the rich and fruity taste of bananas is creme de ananas, a pineapple-flavored liqueur. Use an equal amount of creme de ananas to the amount of banana liqueur that the recipe calls for.

Banana Extract

Banana extract is a flavoring that will lend the taste of bananas to your recipe without the alcohol. If you are looking for a way to add taste without the liqueur, this is the best solution. If you were unable to find banana liqueur, you can use half the amount banana extract and half the amount of dark rum.

Banana Cream Liqueur

Banana liqueur is usually clear, but you can also find banana cream liqueurs. You can use these instead of banana liqueur, using them at the same rate as the plain liqueur. Of course, these may make your dish look slightly different.