Steam Room Tips

By LeafTV Editor

Using the steam room at your local gym, health club or in your home is a way to open your pores, relieve some stress and revitalize your body. The benefits of a steam room include relief from muscle tension and stiff joints, a boost in your immune system and blood circulation, relief from congestion and lymph node detoxification. Steam rooms are especially good for people with respiratory problems such as asthma, sinusitis and bronchitis. Follow these tips to make your experience in the steam room even better and more rewarding.

Wooden steam room
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Steam Room Tips

Showering Before & After

Showering before a trip to the steam room helps open pores and showering after helps close them. Shower in warm water before and use cold water after leaving. After showering and before entering the steam room, make a mixture of 1 tsp. of salt and 2 tsp. of honey and lightly massage on your arms and neck. If desired, make a second mixture and apply to your legs. The salt/honey mixture will help increase your sweating while in the steam bath.

What to Bring in the Steam Room

Before entering the steam room, wrap yourself in a clean towel and grab a bottle of water, a cool towel for your forehead and a rolled towel for your neck. Once in the steam room, set the temperature control to no more than 100 degrees F. If you feel overwhelmed, reduce the temperature. Next, massage any areas of your body where you have felt pain recently. Stay in the steam room no more than 10 minutes.

Appropriate Dress in a Steam Room

If using a steam room at your local gym or health club, always wear a towel wrapped around you and cover all private parts. If the gym or health club has both men and women using the same steam room, ask the attendant if a specific dress code is in place.

Drinking Water & Food Consumption

Drink plenty of cold water while in the steam room, preferably purified water. Do not drink soft drinks or alcohol while in the steam room, and do not fall asleep. As far as food, wait at least one hour after eating before entering a steam room. If you start feeling ill while in the steam room, leave immediately to a cool area and sit upright.