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Most people don't realize that coriander is the seed of the cilantro plant, which is often used as an herb. Coriander in seed form is often used in Middle Eastern and Asian dishes, according to TheEpicentre.com. Often, the flavors of coriander are found in curries, lamb dishes and falafel. Not every home cook has coriander on hand, but it is easy to substitute other spices in place of coriander.

Caraway Seeds

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Caraway seeds are popular for use in rye bread. The distinct flavor pairs well with vegetable dishes. According to Culinary Cafe, caraway is both sweet and tangy. The flavor is similar to coriander. It's a good replacement for coriander in bread and vegetable dishes, such as cabbage.


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Cumin is mostly associated with the smoky, warm flavors of Mexican and Spanish cooking. It works well in Mediterranean cooking and can often be tasted in vegetable and chicken dishes. It's usually used as a replacement for caraway, which is similar in taste to coriander. According to Food.com, you should use double the cumin if a recipe calls for coriander or caraway.


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Cloves are very sweet and are often connected with holiday dishes such as ham. The sweet taste is very different from coriander, but if a ham or pumpkin dish calls for coriander, cloves can work in a pinch as, according to Food.com, the spice works well with those flavors.


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Native to India and parts of southeastern Asia, cardamom often is used in curries and breads, just like coriander. The taste is a cross between sweet and smoky. It is easy to overuse cardamom, so if you use it in a dish to replace coriander, you should taste it often.

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