Skin Care for Black Women

By Chris Yokum

Looking your best includes taking care of your skin's condition before a major issue arises. For many black women, flawless skin is achievable by following a few simple tips to rejuvenate it. Factors such as cleaning, moisturizers and regular routines are extremely important to get your skin looking great at all times.

Healthy skin care for Black women.

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Protect It

Cover your skin with a sunscreen to protect it each time you go outdoors. Although black women have a natural SPF 13, adding a little extra protection cuts down on the amount of damage caused by harmful ultraviolet rays. Having a protective barrier between your skin and these UV rays keeps it looking smooth and in good shape. Black women can usually stay in the sun a little longer because darker skin tones don't burn as easily as someone with extremely light skin.

Take a Look

Check your skin for abnormalities. Black women, in general, have a smaller chance of getting skin cancer compared to women of other races with lighter skin tones. However, there's still a chance of it happening with a deadlier effect. Create a regular routine of examining your skin at least once a month. Look for dark spots that weren't previously on your skin the last time you checked. For existing marks, pay attention to any changes in shape, size and color. A dermatologist should take a closer look at it during your next scheduled visit.


Create a scheduled skin regimen to pamper, prevent harm, and take care of your skin. Get rid of the daily buildup that comes from oil or cosmetic products. Usually, a non-abrasive cleanser will do the job pretty well. Harsher cleansers will only cause unwanted breakouts and irritation during the cleaning process. Apply the chosen product to your fingertips and gently massage it into your face in a circular motion. Uneven skin tone is a common issue for many black women. Use a specialized product for hyperpigmentation that will eventually lighten the dark spots and give you back a more even tone. Remove the dullness from your skin by using a gentle exfoliating product. It brushes away the dead skin cells that make your skin appear flat and lifeless.


Add extra moisture to your skin as much as possible. With a darker skin tone, your skin may appear dry and ashy without the proper maintenance. The best time to use a moisturizer is immediately after a shower. Your skin is more capable of absorbing the moisture in a larger quantity. Browse through various drugstores to find an affordable moisturizer to use on a daily basis. Use a different moisturizer for your face. Most body moisturizing products are too heavy to use on the facial area. If you have a facial sensitivity, the product may not absorb as well into your face. Many facial moisturizers have special nutrients to relieve problem areas without adding extra oils, perfumes and other unwanted ingredients.