Skin Benefits of Beeswax

By Lindsey Robinson Sanchez

Beeswax as a skincare ingredient is prized for its natural moisturizing properties and thick, waxy texture. In order to create honeycombs, beeswax needs to be pliable enough for the bees to mold, but sturdy enough to act as protection for the bees and their precious food source. Although it's too hard and brittle to apply to your skin directly, the beeswax from honeycombs can be melted and used as a base for a variety of skincare products.

Hand cream with marigold
credit: HeikeRau/iStock/Getty Images
The beeswax from honeycombs is a key ingredient in many skincare products.

Protect and Moisturize

The texture and water-resistance of beeswax allows it to act as a protective barrier for irritated skin. When mixed in lotion and applied to rough patches or chapped areas, it prevents further damage and seals in moisture, allowing the skin to heal. It also helps soften skin without synthetic chemical additives.

As a Binding Agent

Beeswax is a natural emulsifier, meaning it can help bind oil and water together in a solution -- without an emulsifier, these ingredients would separate or turn cloudy. This quality makes beeswax an ideal natural base for moisturizers, lip balms and skin salves with both oil- and water-based ingredients.