Many people believe that the Maca root is completely safe to consume, but several studies show this is not necessarily the case. These are several side effects linked with Maca root consumption.

Worsens Symptoms of Thyroid Disease

Maca root contains more than 50µg of iodine, which worsens the side effects of thyroid disease. People with thyroid diseases are warned not to eat Maca root.

Causes Goiters

Another dangerous side effect of Maca root consumption is goiters, caused by the Glucosinolate chemical in raw Maca root. Combined with a low sodium diet, Maca root increases the development of goiters.


Some people are allergic to Maca root. Symptoms include hives, fatigue and flushed skin.

Increased Sex Drive

A positive side effect of consuming Maca root is an increased sex drive. Maca root is loaded with vitamins that promote testosterone production in the body, causing men to experience increased libido.

Increased Endurance

Maca root increases physical endurance in men. Maca root promotes testosterone production in the body, which enables men to participate in physical activities for longer periods of time.