Side Effects of Jasmine Tea

By MayankJ

Jasmine tea is a type of herbal tea option available on the market. According to Dr. Ray Sahelian, there are over 200 varieties of jasmine plants found around the world, primarily in warm climates, which are possible to make into an herbal tea. The plants usually have white colored flowers, but sometimes have yellow flowers. Most of the side effects from jasmine tea are beneficial, though there are some potential problems for some individuals.

Jasmine tea is made out of the herbal plant.

Effect from Caffeine

Most jasmine tea has caffeine, which can cause jitters or sleeplessness in individuals who are sensitive to caffeine. Amazing Green Tea states that the amount of caffeine varies depending on the specific tea and variety of jasmine, but usually is around half the amount of a cup of coffee. There are decaffeinated options available, but it can change the taste of the tea and removes some of the healthy antioxidants. Amazing Green Tea suggests using loose leaf jasmine tea rather than tea bags to minimize the caffeine in the tea for anyone who is caffeine sensitive.

Weight Loss

Jasmine tea is full of antioxidants and contains caffeine so it can result in weight loss for some individuals. According to Steady Health, the combination of antioxidants with caffeine can result in lowered cholesterol, higher fat burning and weight loss.


One of the main side effects and benefits of jasmine tea is relaxation. The smell of the tea is soothing and aromatic. The scent of the tea helps lower heart rate and results in a relaxed mood states Dr. Ray Sahelian. The doctor points out that jasmine has linalool, which has a similar relaxing and sedative effect when breathed in.

Reduces Bacteria

Jasmine reduces the bacteria in the body, thus preventing health problems caused by negative bacteria and even preventing tooth decay and cavities. Combined with the healthy benefits of an improved immune system due to antioxidants, jasmine tea can help prevent sickness and aid recovery from sickness faster.