Drop of cellfood

Cellfood is a nutritional supplement whose purpose is to optimize health by increasing oxygen in the body and fighting free radicals. It is a form of over-the-counter oxygen therapy that people have used to treat a range of conditions, including infections, allergies, hepatitis and cancer. It has few side effects.


You ingest Cellfood by putting drops of it into a glass of water. The drops will break down the water into its components of hydrogen and oxygen. An atom of oxygen from one molecule of water has a negative charge, which attracts it to a positively charged atom of oxygen in the body, also known as a free radical. This process results in molecules of pure oxygen produced in the body's cells. These oxygen molecules then combine with a carbon atom to produce carbon dioxide, a waste product that you breathe out.


By improving waste elimination from the body, Cellfood promotes detoxification. Its production of hydrogen is useful for strengthening the immune system. Cellfood also includes minerals, amino acids, enzymes, electrolytes and dissolved oxygen in an easily absorbable form, and these work to improve absorption of nutrients. This increases metabolism at the cellular level and in the body overall.

Cancer Patients

Some cancer patients have used Cellfood to deal with the side effects of chemotherapy, particularly hair loss, nausea and weight loss. No major side effects have been reported. However, there is no serious medical study to back up the claim of Cellfood's benefits to cancer patients. The American Cancer Society is against the use of oxygen therapies in general.

Reason for Few Side Effects

Cellfood, which you should take thrice a day, works in a time-release fashion. Its peak effectiveness occurs six to 12 hours after you take it, so the peaks happen in waves, which means that the oxygen, hydrogen and proteins in Cellfood distribute throughout the body over time, instead of in one big blast. Such controlled release makes it easier for the body to handle, so the detox process will go more smoothly. If the body detoxes too quickly, there will be many side effects, such as headaches, fatigue and nausea. Cellfood works in a way that doesn't overwhelm the body's elimination systems, so the side effects are few, such as sleeping a bit more or sleeping more deeply.

Other Uses

Athletes also use Cellfood to enhance their performance. A steady supply of oxygen is necessary to perform well and to have endurance. A study by the Institute for Sport Research at the University of Pretoria, South Africa finds that the use of Cellfood by athletes raised the body's oxygen consumption, increased red blood cells, which carry oxygen in the body, and lowered lactic acid levels and performance heart rates. These conditions all contribute to improved athletic performance.