Red Marine Algae Side Effects

By Naima Manal

Red marine algae provides nutritional support and has been a food source for many years. It boosts the body's immunity through the cellular support provided by the algae's carrageenans. There are many species of red marine algae, including Rhodymenia palmata and Palmaria palmata, or Dulce.

Red Marine Algae Side Effects

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Side Effects

Side effects and toxicity have not been reported in association with taking red marine algae. This may be due to the fact that it is a food and not a drug or herbal supplement.


Allergic reactions to red marine algae are also not reported. In fact, it helps to fight off mold allergies.


Red marine algae provides antiviral protection for a wide variety of viruses.


It has been effectively used as an alternative treatment for herpes, as well as for weight loss, as a blood purifier, to lower cholesterol, for preventing harmful substances, such as toxins, from collecting within the body.


Red marine algae can be administered orally to kill viruses circulating in the blood and throughout the body, as well as topically to treat skin outbreaks for herpes and other viral infections.