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French onion soup, creme brulee and souflee -- some the foods traditionally prepared and served in ramekins. If you don't have a set of these white bowls with ridged exteriors, use an alternative. For safety, make sure the vessel is oven-safe.

Cups, Earthenware and Ceramic Bowls

A set of heat-resistant tea cups or coffee mugs works as a substitute for ramekins. To closely replicate the look, choose white ones. Small earthenware eating vessels of various shapes also stand in for ramekins. You can buy these at pottery shops or specialty kitchen supply stores. Any set of heat-resistant bowls can be used if you don't have ramekins.

Consider Your Dish

The type of dish you're making will influence the ramekin substitute you choose. For example, creme brulee served in ceramic cereal bowls might make your dinner guests wonder if you're in over your head. On the other hand, French onion soup served in a warm, sturdy mug on a cold day makes a memorable presentation that may outshine the traditional ramekin.