Purpose of Foundation Makeup

By Kat Consador

When Max Factor first developed foundation for film, he was swamped by an overwhelming demand from Hollywood actresses. Foundation became a way to instantly improve the beauty of a woman's skin. Today, foundation has become a common fixture to a woman's beauty regimen.

Purpose of Foundation Makeup

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Foundation has the ability to enhance one's complexion by creating a more even and uniform color. It also has the ability to change skin tone.


Foundation has been mentioned as far back as the Old Testament (Ezekiel 23:40) to a lethal version in the 16th century- ceruse was a mixture of lead and mercury. However, modern foundation can be traced back to the turn of the 20th century with Carl Baudin, credited for the invention of grease paint in German theater. Later in 1914, Max Factor famously created "Pan-Cake", a version for film and movies.


Foundation colors are have color categories of warm, neutral or cool. There are also different forms of coverage, such as sheer, light, medium, and full coverage.


Once foundation is selected, the ideal result is an even skin tone with the preferred amount of coverage.


Studies show that even skin tone is a signifier of good health (Psychology Today). Therefore, using foundation to improve one's skin tone also enhances one's attractiveness.