Baileys Irish Cream is such a decadent liqueur. Made with Irish whiskey and cream, it can be served any way you like. But tradition, as well as legislation in pubs and bars in Ireland and the European Union, dictate certain conventions. Here's the proper way to serve Baileys.

It's traditional to serve liqueur after dinner, but you can drink Baileys at any time.

Pour a large measure of Baileys, either freehand or using a measuring glass. The traditional measurement in Ireland and the rest of the European Union is around 75 milliliters, equivalent to 2.5 fluid ounces, but you can pour larger amounts if you wish. Serve it in a tumbler glass, and ask guests if they would like ice.

You can also make black coffee if your guests prefer a traditional Irish coffee instead of Baileys on the rocks. Pour the coffee in a coffee cup—traditionally a tall glass coffee mug. Hold a small spoon over the coffee and slowly pour the Baileys onto the spoon. This causes the Baileys to float on top of the coffee for a classic Irish coffee look.

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