Omni fruit punch drink

Omni Cleansing Liquid, by Heaven Sent Naturals, is a detox product available at some pharmacies and several online retailers. You will also find it at some "head shops," stores that sell glass pipes and cater to marijuana users. This is because the shops' customers sometimes drink it to try to pass drug tests.

For Purging Toxins

Some online retailers recommend using Omni Cleansing Liquid as part of a "Healthy Living 3 Stage Plan" (see References 1). This 11-day program is intended "safely and effectively remove toxic buildup and improve health and vitality."

During the first stage, you would strengthen your liver and colon over 7 days by following a strict dietary regimen which prioritizes "liver loving" foods and avoids "cleansing detractors." You would also take 4 Omni capsules 3 times daily, drinking at least half your body weight in ounces of water each day.

The second stage is a single-day liquid fast. You would alternate drinking all day long 8 oz. water and 8 oz. of a fruit punch-like drink whose recipe is included in the Healthy Living 3 Stage Plan instructions. Upon rising in the morning and just before bedtime, you would also take a colon cleansing supplement. Twenty minutes of light exercise is also recommended.

The third stage is where the Omni Cleansing Liquid comes in. Daily, for 3 days, you would take an Omni cleansing product with water and include a probiotic food in your regular diet.

The detoxifying effects of Omni Cleansing Liquid have not been verified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Consult with your physician before attempting a purge.

For Attempting to Pass a Drug Test

Some forum members have reported drug test success from simply drinking a lot of water and then chugging Omni the morning of the test. This dilutes the urine to bring THC counts down, and then replenishes the naturally occurring creatinine which drug tests are also looking for (see References 2). An online book published at (see References 3) outlines a more specific process. As soon as possible, begin abstaining from marijuana. Then, 2 days before the test, raise your creatinine levels by taking supplements (perhaps Omni capsules) or drinks containing creatine. On the day of the test, some 4 to 6 hours before, take 3 or 4 aspirin pills. Do not substitute Tylenol or Advil--it must be aspirin. Then, 3 hours before the test, begin drinking enormous quantities of sports drinks. Continue until you are urinating every 20 minutes and your urine appears colorless. At this point, take a Vitamin B-2 or B-complex and drink another 4 to 6 oz. Omni or your favorite sports drink.

A Gentle Reminder

A 32-oz. bottle of Omni Cleansing liquid can cost as much as $50. You might prefer to use brand-neutral methods for your detox program or drug-test-passing attempt.