Nail Envy is a line of products manufactured by the company O.P.I. as part of the company’s nail care system. It’s intended for use by those with weak, brittle nails who want to add strength and length. The products include ingredients such as hydrolyzed protein, calcium, and vitamins C and E. There are six varieties of Nail Envy in the line, including original, matte, maintenance, dry and brittle, sensitive and peeling, and soft and thin. This allows the customer to choose the best care system according to the nail problems they are experiencing.

Take off any nail polish already on the nails with nail polish remover.

Twist open the Nail Envy formula of your choice and brush one coat onto each nail. Start by brushing down the middle of the nail, beginning 2 millimeters away from the cuticle, and then repeat on either side of the initial stroke.

Allow to dry for three minutes then apply another coat to each nail.

Add nail polish on top of this if preferred, or leave bare.

Apply an extra coat of Nail Envy to the nails every other day.

Remove Nail Envy (and any nail polish) after seven days and repeat the whole process again.


  • Nail Envy works to maximum effect when it is applied directly to the natural nail.

  • Once you have achieved the length and strength you like, O.P.I recommends you opt for their maintenance Nail Envy product.

  • If your nails are more prone to breaking than they are bending, you may wish to use the dry and brittle variety of Nail Envy.