Mixed Drinks With Captain Morgan

By Christina Uticone

Captain Morgan is a very popular brand of rum. Captain Morgan was named after Englishman Henry Morgan, who moved to the West Indies in 1654 and went on to become a "legal pirate" or buccaneer. The Captain Morgan Rum Co. is best known for its spiced rum, but the company has an expanded line of products, which includes a white (or "silver") rum, coconut-flavored Parrot Bay and the dark, spiced Captain Morgan Tattoo rum.

Rum is commonly used in tropical drink recipes.

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Captain Morgan and Coke

A simple Captain Morgan and Coke is a popular rum cocktail. To mix, fill a cocktail glass with ice, add 2 oz. of Captain Morgan's Original spiced rum and top with Coca-Cola or Diet Coke. Garnish with a lime, if desired. If you are not a fan of cola, try a Captain and ginger, replacing the cola with your favorite ginger ale.

Captain's Coffee

The addition of coffee liqueur in this recipe for Captain's Coffee enhances the spicy flavor of Captain Morgan's Original rum. In a Boston shaker add one scoop of ice, 1 oz. Captain Morgan's Original rum, 1 oz. coffee liqueur and one dash of bitters. Cover, shake and strain into a rocks glass 1/4 full of ice.

Parrot Bay Breeze

A Parrot Bay Breeze is a simple cocktail with a tropical flavor thanks to the addition of Captain Morgan's Parrot Bay coconut rum. Because this drink doesn't need to be blended, it is a quick and easy alternative to a mai tai or a daiquiri. To mix a Bay Breeze, fill a tall cocktail glass with ice and add 1 1/2 oz. Captain Morgan Parrot Bay coconut rum, 3 oz. pineapple juice and 2 oz. cranberry juice.

The Vladimir

The Vladimir is a delicious cocktail that can be served cold (using apple juice) or warm (using warmed apple cider). To mix a Vladimir cold, add ice to a cocktail glass and pour in cold apple juice and Captain Morgan's Original rum in a 2-to-1 ratio. To make the Vladimir warm, heat apple cider on the stove or in the microwave and add the cider and Captain Morgan's Original rum to a heat-resistant mug in the same 2-to-1 ratio.