Mineral Vs. Liquid Foundation

By Jessica Anne Elizabeth

Determining the type of foundation that works for your complexion is important for all women. Each type of skin makeup product has various ingredients and advantages. While both provide all-over coverage and even SPF protection, mineral and liquid foundation are two different types of face makeup.


Foundation is used to provide all-over coverage to the skin to create a flawless look. Foundation helps to even skin tone and disguise other skin problems such as blemishes or scars.

What is Mineral Makeup?

According to ezinearticles.com, mineral makeup generally consists of ingredients such as micronized titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, silk mica or mica in any form and hydrated silica. Micronized titanium dioxide is an ingredient found in most sunblocks and is beneficial for those with damaged skin. Silk mica or mica creates the smooth texture that makes mineral foundation so appealing. For women with allergies or sensitive skin, mineral makeup and foundations are the best choice as they contain no dyes or perfumes. Additionally, no fillers or other talcs are added that may also irritate the skin.

Mineral Foundations

Mineral foundations are used in powder form. Ultimately, mineral foundations provide a variety of coverage. This depends on the application process and the product chosen. A more sheer finish is achieved by sweeping the foundation in small circles all over the face. For a more thick look, a sponge can create layers of mineral foundation coverage. Mineral foundation is not beneficial for those looking to hide wrinkles as the mineral makeup can actually, if applied improperly, highlight skin imperfections.

Liquid Foundations

Liquid foundation is easy to apply with both the fingertips and the sponge. Oil-based liquid foundation makeup formula is best for women with dry or normal skin. Water-based liquid foundation is best for women with oily skin. Most importantly, whatever liquid foundation is use, the proper shade that matches the skin provides the most natural look.


Some mineral foundations can be purchased from Bare Escentuals and are high-end makeup products. Additionally, liquid foundation can be found both in the drugstore or at department store counters. Some brands include Covergirl, Maybelline and M.A.C.

Regarding price, both liquid foundation and mineral foundation can be purchased inexpensively. Companies such as Eyes Lips Face Cosmetics sell a .12 oz of mineral foundation for $5.

It's important to research all mineral makeup before purchasing as there are some companies claiming their makeup is mineral and it is not. Use well-known brands that you can trust.

According to kouridesign.com, some mineral makeup can also react differently with every woman's skin, which can result in an allergic reaction. The two ingredients responsible for this are mica and bismuth oxychloride. Other complaints mentioned by kouridesign.com are itchy and red skin.

For those suffering with rosacea, mineral makeup can be used safely. According to acne-rosacea-relief.com, products with dyes, chemicals and fragrances are the cause of rosacea flareups. They suggest rosacea patients look for makeup products with all natural ingredients that is made specifically for that woman's skin type.