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Red quartz, also known as tangerine quartz or strawberry quartz, is transparent with an orange or red cast. In appearance it ranges from a pale pinkish orange to a vibrant ruby hue. The color derives from inclusions or encrustations of iron. Most of this type of crystal comes from Brazil or Madagascar. Red quartz has a hexagonal formation and occurs in single points or in clusters, in sizes varying from 1 inch to 1 foot in length. It connects strongly to the element of fire, and to the second chakra and, to a slighter degree, the third chakra. The body contains seven energy centers called chakras.


In metaphysics, red quartz is thought to heal disorders related to the reproductive system, including problems of infertility. It can improve circulation and help assimilate iron into the bloodstream. It can help people with AIDS. This crystal also stimulates the adrenal glands and invigorates stagnant "chi," or circulatory life energy. It is a good stone for people suffering from chronic fatigue.


In "The Book of Stones," Naisha Ahsian notes that tangerine quartz "is the stone of creative problem-solving" and can also strengthen one's sense of willpower and resolve. This stone has a reputation of assisting with creative endeavors and can be used either to revive the creative impulse in a person who feels blocked or to harmonize creativity between people working together on a project. Tangerine quartz can help with building and maintaining a sense of confidence. It can improve the ability to learn and to digest experiences. It can help make sense of apparent chaos. Tangerine quartz can become an ally to those who wish to enact the "law of attraction."


Tangerine quartz can help heal emotional scars related to trauma, particularly sexual trauma. It is a useful stone for those recovering from shock. It can aid in overcoming all kinds of fears. As its name implies, the metaphysical properties of this type of quartz can help those who feel creatively arid or blocked recover the "juice" of zest, curiosity and playfulness. Romantic partners who want to reconnect with the erotic aspects of their relationship may want to set up a grid of tangerine crystals in their bedroom.


Judy Hall, in her book "The Crystal Bible," says tangerine quartz can help with past life healing, especially "where the soul feels it has made a mistake for which it must pay." It helps people experience themselves as part of the creative force of the universe, and reawakens in them a sense of joy and hope.