Although maple vodka tastes sweet and earthy straight up, neat or on the rocks, mixing it into cocktails showcases its flavor by blending it with complementary flavors. If it tastes good with maple, it'll taste good with maple vodka. Use this sweet vodka in both warm and cold cocktails for dessert or with a meal.

Maple Vodka as the Showcase

Keep it simple to feature the maple vodka as the showcase in a cocktail. Create a fizz with just maple vodka and soda water, tonic or ginger ale. Mix equal parts maple vodka and soda and serve on the rocks. To create an Italian-soda-style fizz, add a bit of cream or milk to the blend. For a float, pour the mixed fizz over ice cream. Serve cold. Mix maple vodka with sparkling white wine to bring out its sweet side while keeping the maple flavor in the forefront.

Maple Vodka With Apple

Maple and apple flavors complement each other and evoke the feeling of a cool autumn evening. Mix maple vodka with apple cider and serve over ice or heat the mixture with mulling spices. Add a shot of spiced rum, whiskey or cinnamon liqueur for additional flavor. Try serving maple vodka with sparkling apple cider over ice for a refreshing cold drink.

Maple Vodka With Whiskey

Shake equal parts maple vodka, whiskey or bourbon, a scant shot of sweet vermouth and a dash of bitters over ice and pour over a cinnamon stick garnish for a maple twist on a classic Manhattan. The combination of maple-flavored vodka and warm earthy whiskey creates a Manhattan equally at ease as an aperitif or digestif. Mix equal parts maple vodka and whiskey for a fall flavor shooter, or serve the combination over ice for sipping by the fire.

Fireside Cocktails

Add maple vodka to mulled wine or cider for a spicy warm drink. Serve in a mug while still steaming. For coffee drinkers, pour a cup of coffee with room at the top. Add a half shot of cream or cream liqueur and a full shot of maple vodka. Mix well and top with whipped cream. Add sugar if desired, but taste it first. The maple vodka adds plenty of natural sweetness. Consider mulling maple vodka with cinnamon, cloves, orange zest and allspice over moderate heat. Pour the spiced maple vodka into a mug and add warmed herbal tea for a bedtime cocktail.

Outside the Box

Consider maple vodka in savory concoctions as well as sweet. Because maple and bacon pair together so seamlessly, add a splash of maple vodka to a bloody mary garnished with bacon. Try a hint of maple vodka in a dirty martini and add bacon-stuffed olives. Add a shot of maple vodka to your favorite light beer and serve it alongside chicken and waffles for some southern chic. Mix it with a smoky Scotch and serve it neat after dinner for those without a sweet tooth.

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