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Chiropractors rely on various machines and instruments in their practice for the purpose of realigning the spine and other joints. Before going to a chiropractor's office, you should know about the types of machines that chiropractors use. The main type of treatment chiropractors use on patients is spinal manipulation -- this requires chiropractic tables so the chiropractor can use his hands to apply force to joints.


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When you see a chiropractor, you will note that there are many tables in the office. The tables are tools the chiropractor will rely on as he works to realign a patient's back and other parts of the body. The types of tables are varied. They can be gravity enhanced tables, which rely on gravity to help realign the spine. They can also be ones that rely on rolling balls that work to massage the patient's back -- and other areas -- into alignment again.

TENS Machine

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Chiropractors use the TENS machine to stimulate the muscles and nerves all over the body. This machine permits the body to relax, which aids the chiropractor in moving the joints and the body around with more ease. The TENS machine is a battery-powered, portable and compact muscle stimulation machine, which can also be relied on to control pain. The machine helps people control pain by using different strengths of electric current. The TENS machine is used on patients who are suffering from instances of acute and severe pain.


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The ultrasound machine is highly popular among chiropractors. The purpose of the ultrasound machine in a chiropractor's office is to lessen the patient's inflammation, which can be the reason for the alignment or stiffness problem that the patient is suffering from. An ultrasound is a type of micro-massage that lessens swelling, improves blood flow, and also reduces spasms, stiffness and pain. The ultrasound provides deep heat therapy that comes from sound waves -- it is applied to a patient's joints and tissues.

Activator Adjusting Tool

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Chiropractors use activator adjusting tools to press or pound on the patient's back in a gentle fashion. A compact and hand-held tool, it is thought to aid in realigning vertebra that is misaligned. The tool helps to move the back into place and stabilize it. It also features a spring-loaded device that gives the back area a slight tap. Some chiropractors may instead rely on a small mallet to deliver this slight tap to the back area.

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