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Gassy foods can cause discomfort, pain and if you're really unlucky, embarrassment. Foods that are high in carbohydrates and/or insoluble fiber like pasta or potatoes, or even some fruits that are high in sugar like apples, pears and peaches will force your digestive tract to work overtime. That creates a surplus of gas. So next time you're in need of a gas-free family reunion or romantic date, consider these non-gassy foods.

Lean Meats

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Lean meats are high in protein, low in fat and even lower in gas-causing properties. Because foods like white meat chicken, tuna and lean beef are comprised of nutrients other than carbohydrates, starch, sugar and fiber, they are safe choices for a gas-free meal.

Certain Fruits and Vegetables

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Though some fruits and vegetables contribute to a gassy stomach, others are easily broken down, and therefore non-gassy. Try snacking on cherries or grapes if you're craving a sweet snack. And to benefit from nutrient-rich vegetables without the discomfort of gas and bloating, try spinach or green beans.


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Because of the easily digested compounds in rice, you can enjoy the many variations the grain has to offer without suffering from the discomfort of gas. Try a bed of rice underneath a cut of lean meat, like chicken, to feel full without eventual bloating.

Whole Grains

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Whole grains, like the ones found in wheat bread, some pastas and oatmeal and porridge are easily broken down by your stomach's acids. Plus, whole grains have the additional benefit of making you feel fuller longer without the discomfort and bloating caused by other more gaseous foods.

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