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Fleshy fruits are those which have three layers; namely the exocarp, mesocarp and endocarp. Exocarp is the outermost layer, mesocarp is the middle most and endocarp is the one which contains seeds. Exocarp and mesocarp are edible. There are lots of fruits that are considered fleshy by the researchers and it is not possible to list down each fleshy fruit into one particular category.


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Drupes have a thin exocarp, thick mesocarp and a hard endocarp which safeguards the seed within. People eat only the exocarp and mesocarp of a drupe. Some of the examples of drupe fruits are peach, coconut, plum, walnut, cherry, apricots, nectarine and pecan. The walnut on the tree has a mesocarp which is removed before it reaches the store. What remains is the stony endocarp which protects the seed. Pecan is similar to walnuts.


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The other type of fleshy fruit is pome. Apple is the most common pome variety. The pome variety has a thick skin and fleshy tissue within. The fleshy tissue is the edible part of the fruit. In the inside of the apple, there is a thin paper-like layer which covers the seeds. The ovary starts from this layer. In some apples, the dry flower base can be visible. Some of the other examples of the pome variety are pears and quinces.


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Hesperidium is another type of fleshy fruit and is just an alternative name for citrus fruits. Some examples of hesperidiums are oranges, lemons and sweet limes. The skin of the hesperidium is tough, peely and leathery. The peel of the fruit contain uneven pits while the interior of the fruit has vesicles which is fluid-filled.


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Pseudocarp is also known as accessory fruit or aggregate fruit. In this fruit, the flower stigma remains on the fruit. The pseudocarp variety looks similar to a golf ball with pits in it. Receptacle is the juicy part of the fruit and the seeds of the fruit are visible on the outside. One of the most common aggregate fruits is the strawberry.