Layering Techniques With T-shirts and Camis

By Susan Ayers

Layering T-shirts and camisoles under clothes can make your wardrobe more versatile. By layering, you can wear summer clothing well into the fall and winter months without freezing. Learning how to layer T-shirts and camisoles is easy. Just practice with what you have in your closet and put together different looks with sweaters, jackets and dresses.

For a versatile wardrobe, learn how to layer clothing.


Layer a camisole under a low-cut sweater to provide coverage in the cleavage area. Make sure the camisole is long enough that it peeks out below the hemline of the sweater. You can choose a camisole that has lace around the edges for a more feminine look, or pair a silk camisole with a heavy wool sweater to provide a feminine contrast.

Wear a camisole or a T-shirt underneath a cardigan. The T-shirt can be plain, in a complimentary color or feature a graphic print to add detail. You can also layer a camisole under a cardigan and button the sweater. Add a thin belt to define your waistline.


Add a camisole underneath a wrap dress or other low-cut dress to make the dress more appropriate for day wear. Choose a camisole in a nude or light shade if the dress is light in color or printed. If the dress is black, you can choose a matching or complementary color.

Wear a long sleeve T-shirt under a sleeveless dress in the fall or winter. Choose neutral colors, such as a black dress and olive colored T-shirt. Make sure the materials are similar in texture.

Jackets and Blazers

Pair a long-sleeve T-shirt with a blazer to create a look that's different from a traditional blouse. Choose a T-shirt with an unusual design or a contrasting color, or wear a plain T-shirt under the blazer and add a colorful, patterned scarf for a visual effect.

Pair a cotton or a silk camisole with a hooded jacket, allowing the camisole to peek out at the top. You can also layer a T-shirt underneath a hoodie or a military-style jacket. Try adding a white T-shirt underneath a plain denim jacket for a simpler look.

Vests and Shirts

Layer a long or short-sleeve T-shirt under a long, button-down vest and add a blazer in a contrasting color. Add a camisole underneath a see-through blouse to add coverage and wear with a cardigan or a blazer. Pair a camisole with a long-sleeve T-shirt. Take a T-shirt in a solid color and wear a camisole in a complimentary color on top of the T-shirt for a trendy look.