Kaepa tennis shoes are produced by the company Kaepa U.S.A. Although Kaepa also produces accessories and apparel, shoes are their primary product. Kaepa tennis shoes are generally associated with women's sports, but they are made for kids and and males as well. Kaepa was popular in the 1980s for its street tennis shoes. Today, Kaepa U.S.A. does not produce the popular tennis shoes, instead manufacturing two types of athletic shoes, for volleyball and cheerleading.


Kaepa U.S.A., established in 1975, is a privately owned company based out of Dallas, Texas. In the 1980s, however, Kaepa tennis shoes were manufactured in San Antonio, Texas. The shoes were known for being made of high-quality, split vamp leather. In the 1980s, Kaepas came in both low-top and high-top styles. Most were predominately white, but some styles had three stripes on the sides of them. All Kaepa shoes come with the Kaepa logo printed on them; today's Kaepa logo is two identical right-pointing triangles, while the logo in the 1980s was a "K."

Two-Lace Shoes

In the 1980s, Kaepa tennis shoes were most popular for their "two-lace" look. Instead of having one shoe string tying the holes of the shoes together, these tennis shoes had two sets of laces through the holes. The shoes were then tied at two different places, in the middle of the lace holes and at the top, where shoes are traditionally tied. Typically, these laces would come in bright colors, allowing individuals to customize the look and color of their shoes.

Popularity in the 1980s

Kaepa shoes were popular in the 1980s, especially in the state of Texas, where the shoes were manufactured. Kaepa shoes had a popular television commercial campaign in the 1980s, but today the company does comparatively little advertising. Kaepa shoes are now available at a variety of retailers and at the company's online store. It increasingly difficult to find the 1980s version of Kaepa shoes today, but some second-hand stores and online auction sites sometimes sell older versions of Kaepa shoes.

Modern-Day Kaepa Shoes

Today, Kaepa produces volleyball and cheerleading shoes. Kaepa volleyball shoes include reinforced toes and a new, better-fit technology that allows the shoes to fit a variety of different foot types. Kaepa volleyball shoes also have a lightweight sole, with gum rubber and traction tread designed specifically for volleyball play. Kaepa's cheerleading shoes come in three categories: competition-level shoes, sideline shoes, and junior- or pom-level shoes. Some styles of Kaepa cheer shoes contain the Kaepa logo cutouts on the sides of the shoes. These cutouts can be filled with different colors of triangles, allowing the wearer to customize the look of the shoes.