Jean Nate is a brand name for a line of scents and other beauty products that came onto the U.S. market in 1935. Charles of the Ritz, at the time an established name in the cosmetics and toiletries world, created and introduced Jean Nate products. Charles of the Ritz is no longer in existence.


The "Charles" in Charles of the Ritz was Charles Jundt. He was a hairdresser, and his rise to fame and fortune began when he took over the reins of the beauty salon in the Ritz Hotel in New York City in 1916.


The history of Jean Nate is necessarily intertwined with the history of Charles of the Ritz, whose own label of products came on the market around the mid-1920s. In 1964, Charles of the Ritz and Lanvin combined to become Lanvin-Charles of the Ritz. Yves Saint Laurent bought the company in 1986, and sold it to Revlon in 1987. Jean Nate became a Revlon brand.


Revlon dissolved Charles of the Ritz in 2002, but retained the Jean Nate brand. As part of Revlon, Jean Nate products are sold online and in stores. Jean Nate products include cologne spray, body lotion, body wash and body powder (see Resources).


Over the decades, particularly during the 1970s and 1980s, Jean Nate products have appealed simultaneously to different generations of users, some of whose memories and opinions are posted in online cosmetics and perfume forums (see Resources). Product reviews refer consistently to the fresh, citrus or lemon scent of Jean Nate.

Fun Fact

The original Jean Nate "After Bath Splash" stood out in the product range, in part because of an apparently effective advertisement that showed a woman applying the scent to refresh herself after stepping out of a bath. By some accounts, the attractive, yellow packaging was also a successful sales tool.