DermaWand is a small hand-held electronic device intended to improve skin appearance. Its technology is similar to large commercial equipment used by skin-care professionals. Some users have reported skin irritation, but, for the most part, DermaWand may only be dangerous to your wallet.


The DermaWand is a 6-inch-long cylindrical implement with a handle, reminiscent of a curling iron. It sends out high-frequency electronic pulses and ozone, or enriched oxygen.


DermaWand's high-frequency pulses are designed to improve circulation, while ozone cleanses and rejuvenates skin appearance. The product is claimed to improve sagging skin, large pores, puffy eyes and skin texture.


Users of DermaWand give it mixed reviews in Internet commentary. BeautyBlogTalk, for example, shows only 20 percent of users being satisfied with the product. Several customers complain that the DermaWand stops functioning after a short time.

Side Effects

Some online reviews say that the DermaWand causes skin irritation, redness, stinging and burning. Reviews do not claim the product is dangerous, but a small number of users on BeautyBlogTalk say their skin looks worse than it did before.

Expert Insight

No evidence indicates DermaWand creates ozone or increases circulation, according to the International Trade Commission.


You can order a DermaWand for about $120 plus shipping, as of 2010. The company offers a 30-day free trial.