Interesting Facts About Hermes

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Hermes can be found in Greek mythology. Like most gods and goddesses of the day, Hermes had a Roman counterpart, Mercury. Hermes was a popular subject of the Greek poet and writer Homer.

Greek Temple of Ares columns, Acropolis
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Interesting Facts About Hermes

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Hermes is most often seen in art wearing winged shoes and traveler's cap. His image was the popular inspiration for one of the world's largest floral delivery companies.


In Greek mythology, Hermes was the son of the god Zeus and the nymph Maia, who was the daughter of the muscular hero Atlas.

The Golden Crook

Hermes was a deceptive character as denoted by his birth deep in the night. A famous thief, he was often called the 'Golden Crook'.


Hermes' first crime was to steal cattle from the god Apollo. He sacrificed his stolen goods to various gods and goddesses, including himself.


Hermes' assigned role was to act as the god of travelers. Stone statues of Hermes have been found along ancient trade and travel routes. A thief himself, he was also believed to have authority over all theives.