The Waring Ice Cream Parlor is a vintage ice cream machine first distributed in the 1970s. Using the Waring Ice Cream Parlor, you can make desserts such as ice cream and sorbets. Desserts are ready to eat after anywhere from 20 to 50 minutes, depending on what you are making and how long it takes to process. The Waring Ice Cream Parlor is no longer in production and can only be found on auction and specialty sites and shops.

Prepare the ice cream mixture. This mixture can be either homemade from a recipe or store brought. Allow the mixture to chill in the refrigerator overnight.

Set the ice bucket on top of the motor and base. Turn the ice bucket until it drops into the base and is secure.

Place the prepared ice cream mix into the smaller, cream canister.

Make sure you do not fill the cream canister past the fill line.

Place the mixing blade into the cream canister. The ball end of the blade should fit in the matching indentations of the cream canister.

Cover the cream canister with the included plastic lid. Make sure it snaps into place.

Place the cream canister inside the ice bucket. Make sure the indentations on the cream canister and the ice bucket match up.

Pull out the support arm and rotate it until it fits around the rim of the cream canister and ice bucket, holding them in place. Press down the support arm to lock it into place.

Plug in the Waring Ice Cream Maker.

Pour one cup of cold water into the ice bucket.

Fill the ice bucket with a layer of ice about an inch deep.

Sprinkle about six tablespoons of salt over the layer of ice.

Continue layering ice and salt until you reach the top of the ice bucket.

Pour one cup of cold water over the layers of ice and salt.

Allow ice cream to process. This can take anywhere from 20 to 50 minutes. Wait until the machine comes to a stop, or a near stop. This means the ice cream is done.