Ciabatta bread sliced

The Magic Chef CBM-310 is an automatic 1.5 lb. size bread maker. This popular unit was considered a fully-featured unit for its time, with easy-to-use electronic settings that enabled users to make a wide variety of bread from recipes provided with the unit. Some Magic Chef CBM-310 bread makers remain in service, and are often found at garage sales and swap meets. It can be used with most bread maker recipes that are suitable for a 1.5 lb. breadmaker as well as to make basic bread.

Swing the cover of the machine away from you so that it stands open in an upright position. Pull on the handle of the bread pan to remove it along with the kneading blade.

Wash the inside of the bread pan as well as the kneading blade with regular dish detergent and hot water if you are using the machine for the first time.

Place the kneading blade on the drive shaft of the bread pan so that the indentation in its bottom matches the indentation in the drive shaft. Press down firmly to hold it in place.

Place ingredients into the bread tray in the following order: First - liquids including oil and softened butter or margarine as well as water; Second - dry ingredients including flour, milk powder, sugar and salt. Last - dry yeast. Make sure the yeast does not touch any of the liquids by making a small indentation in the flour and carefully pouring the yeast into the indentation.

Dry the exterior of the bread pan with paper towels if any ingredients have spilled onto it. Hold it straight and press it back into the baking chamber by making sure the clips on each side of the chamber snap into position.

Close the breadmaker lid and plug the bread maker into a regular wall outlet, making sure to match the polarity of the cord with that of the outlet as necessary (larger prong in larger hole).

Set the bread program by using the "Select" button at the top of the column of three buttons below the display panel in order to choose between the eight available programs.

Choose the crust setting by pressing the "Crust" button to select between light (L), medium (default - P) and dark (H). Note that the "Super Rapid" programs for Basic Bread and whole wheat do not allow you to change the crust setting.

Set the Timer if you wish to delay the start of baking. Use the up and down arrows until you have selected the number of hours and minutes after which you would like the machine to start baking.

Press the "Start/Stop" button at the bottom of the column of buttons and wait to hear a beep. The bread will be ready as soon as the baking program ends.

Remove the bread tray from the baking chamber, either as soon as the time display reads 0:00 or any time afterward. Press the Start/Stop button and unplug the unit if you wish to remove the bread before one hour has elapsed as this cancels the post-baking heat cycle.

Put on oven mitts and remove the tray by pulling upward. Turn the tray over to remove the bread from the coated non-stick tray. Turn the drive shaft under the pan in both directions gently to remove the bread if it is stuck.

Place the bread on a wire rack to cool for 15 to 30 minutes and remove the kneading blade. Make sure to remove the kneading blade before slicing the bread and remember that it can get hidden inside the bottom of the bread.

Slice the bread and enjoy.